Namibia is a hot and arid country, making the consumption of beer essential for adequate hydration.  Our particular favourite bottled beer is Windhoek Lager.  It is an easy-drinking, thirst-quenching, lifesaver after a long day of driving along Namibia’s dusty gravel roads. It is incredibly versatile and serves as a more than adequate breakfast quaffer while on holiday, or on the weekend, or when the boss is not looking 😊

Namibia is not a large scale producer.  Nearly everything we consume is imported, frequently from South Africa. But one thing we do produce very successfully is beer. A little known fact is that Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, was named after Windhoek Lager.

Namibia breweries brew Windhoek Lager, and a few other brands, according to the Reinheitsgebot. An ancient German law which in essence means you can only make beer using hops, barley and water. I learned in a beer hall in Mainz that the law included a regulation that beer could not sell for more than one pfennig. Unfortunately, that portion of the law seems to be largely ignored!

While on holiday in colder climates I will often opt for a stout or a bitter. But in hot conditions, nothing beats an ice-cold crisp lager.

If we have one piece of advice for self-drive visitors to Namibia it is: Make sure you rent a vehicle with a fridge; then stock that fridge with Windhoek Lager.  Feel free to add some Tafel Lagers (also brewed by Namibia Breweries – and Windhoek’s main competition for the affection of locals) and a bottle of gin. Remember, humans can live for over two months without food, but three days without water (which is the main ingredient of beer) and you’re a gonner.


  • Wayne

    Apr 13, 2020

    Apparently a case of them make a great 5oth birthday present for ex-pat Namibians as well!


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