Sugar & Chomsky on a walk in the Klein Windhoek riverbed

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Namibia’s lockdown has seen Aulden and myself walking our dogs close to our house in Windhoek. The walk takes us along a section of the Klein Windhoek riverbed that has a lot of birdlife. We nearly always see guinea fowl, weavers, lovebirds, grey louries, mousebirds, doves, francolins and red bishops. It is also home to numerous mongoose families and meerkats. There is a variety of flora, some indigenous, some which definitely isn’t. Sadly the main river bed is choked with Datura stramonium, commonly known as thorn apple, which is an extremely invasive and poisonous plant in Namibia.

This dog walk has to be carefully timed – neither of our hounds is particularly good with people riding bikes, other dogs or wildlife. They are also extremely strong and have been known to knock me down and drag me along the ground in persuit of anything that interests them. The black dog (Chomsky) is the ringleader. We have done everything in our power to train him. Much to our mortification, we even tried a dog whisperer! However, after 9 years we have given up. We think his untamable nature is due to a disastrous mix of Husky and Rottweiler, combined with being the only puppy from his litter to survive. Sugar (who we adopted from friends when she was very young) could have been a good dog but as a puppy was continually tormented by Chomsky. They are now very much the naughty twosome.

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