If you are visiting Namibia on a self-drive holiday or just sitting at home planning your trip, then a good map of Namibia is going to be essential. The good news is that once you are in the country roads are clearly marked and finding your way around is simple. But it is a good idea to consult your map before heading out to have an idea how far you are travelling, and to make sure you are heading in roughly the right direction.

In this article, I hope to offer you some advice on choosing the best map of Namibia for planning your trip. I will also discuss GPS options, but to be honest, in this part of the world nothing beats a good paper map.

The frequently used  ‘Namibia Tourist Map’ is more than adequate for most trips. You will probably be given this map by your car rental company or the travel consultant who helped plan your trip. Remember if you need help planning a Namibia self-drive holiday, please do consider contacting us about our services.

If you are heading off-road or into remote areas of Namibia (or just like having fantastically detailed maps) then we highly recommend the Tracks4Africa ‘Namibia’ map.  Tracks4Africa also offer the best GPS map for Garmin GPS devices. Apart from having even the smallest tracks marked on them, a unique detail of this map is that along with distances it also gives a drive time indication. In Namibia driving a 100km on a tarred road may take you 50 minutes, but on a track in Kaokoland it might take 6 hours. Therefore, an indication of time more valuable than the distance.

If you want to use a GPS to aid your journey, we suggest doing so in conjunction with a Namibian map and these options:

  1. A Garmin device paired with Track4Africa software (which can be downloaded or purchased on an SD card) is unbeatable.
  2. Tracks4Africa have both an Android and Apple versions of their map app.
  3. Google Maps on your phone is adequate for most trips. We wouldn’t use it when travelling off-road, but for a regular Namibia trip it is fine. Use the function to download ‘offline’ maps – as internet coverage is sparse in many areas of Namibia.

Users of TomTom GPS devices are going to be unimpressed. Namibia is pretty much un-supported on these devices so you may as well leave it at home.

The other map you may need is a map of Etosha National Park. It is advantageous to get one that has some details about the park and its various waterholes. A good map will offer tips such as the best place to see leopard or which waterholes are permanent.

Remeber a good map of Namibia is a beautiful thing, and pouring over one, planning your next holiday is one of the most exciting parts of any trip.

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Tracks4Africa Travel Maps
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Tracks4Africa GPS Map

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