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What we say

Etendeka Mountain Camp is one of our favourite places in Namibia. We have visited on several occasions, and it never disappoints.  The lodge is situated in a hilly and rocky area of the Erongo Region (Damaraland) – the views are impressive. Lion, elephant, a variety of buck species and giraffe freely roam in the area.

While most lodges in Namibia love to display their environmental credentials, these often feel like an add-on, a bit of a marketing ploy. There can be no doubt that Dennis, the owner of Etendeka, puts the environment first; the lodge and guests need to adapt to the environment, leaving little or no impact. While this may seem daunting, the implementation is done charmingly and uniquely. Some modern extravagances have been removed (or adapted) and replaced in ways that make sense for this remote and arid area. Traditional showers have been replaced with a bucket system. Fill up your bucket with hot water from the solar geyser, hoist it on the pulley system and open the tap. Having a shower is a fun experience, and many people are surprised how little water is needed to have a good shower.

Food is cooked over an open fire and is simple but delicious. The hosting and guiding are first class, Dennis has been doing this for decades, and it is hard to imagine anyone with more knowledge and passion for the area. His impact on the lodge is still tangible. He is always there to host, guide, and answer questions about the environment, the lodge, and the unique fauna and flora. Etendeka lodge offers a unique experience and should be on any self drive holiday in Namibia if you have a more adventurous heart.

Anyone wanting to experience the majesty of the Etendeka region should consider the Etendeka Walking Trail. It offers a two or three-night option for walking through this rugged terrain. Evenings are spent in beautiful pre-erected camps, raised on stilts and offering some of the finest views in Namibia.
Our most recent visit to Etendeka Lodge was for two nights at the end of the Hobatere to Etendeka 4×4 Trail.

What they say (the facts!)

Dramatically set in the foothills of the Grootberg massif, Etendeka Mountain Camp appeals to the traveller who is prepared to step outside of their comfort zone and experience this remote wilderness with its harsh beauty in an authentic way. Here one is reminded that we are all guests of Mother Nature.

Pathways lead to ten private shaded en-suite Meru tents with their stunning eco-friendly open-air “bucket” showers. It is simple comfort in a rugged and harsh landscape

Views from the top of Crystal Mountain, Etendeka

Why we like it

A Namibian lodge that puts the environment first – humans are required to adapt to the environment
Serious about their eco credentials
A reminder to appreciate the simple things in life
Beautiful arid desert scenery
Excellent guided walks and nature drives
Close to nature – encounters with lions & desert adapted elephant are not uncommon

In summary

While it may sound that guest comfort has been compromised for the sake of the environment, this is not the case. The tents are comfortable and, in the evening, cooled by the prevailing winds.  The communal areas are spacious and now even offer electricity for charging all those modern gadgets. There is even a WiFi connection for those who are not ready to escape the modern world!

Etendeka Lodge offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, and it’s easy to fall in love with the simple life on offer.

Where is Etendeka Mountain Camp?

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