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Let us share our love of Namibia with you!

We, Aulden & Rachael, have been involved in Namibian tourism for over 25 years. During that time, we started the first backpackers’ hostel in Namibia, the Cardboard Box Backpackers. Opened (and subsequently sold) a successful guest house, Rivendell. And for nearly 25 years were the proud owners of what became the largest privately owned travel agency in Namibia, The Cardboard Box Travel Shop.

Along the way, we also dabbled in some less successful ventures, but we pretend those never happened and focus on the positive. We’ve always tried to have fun while adhering to some loosely defined principles of being eco-friendly, renumerating staff reasonably and generally being decent people (although Aulden has elastic morals). We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our guests through our years in tourism.

In March 2018, we sold the Cardboard Box Travel Shop (CBTS) to an ambitious and fast-growing local tourism company, The Gondwana Collection, which until that point had specialised in operating lodges in Namibia. Aulden remained involved with the Travel Shop and Gondwana until late October 2019. During this time the soul-destroying nature of the corporate world reminded us of why we had always preferred our own unique, individual and frequently complicated path.

Medley of photos of Rachael & Aulden over the years

Aulden & Rachael through the years. Not a lot of photographic evidence and even less in recent years.

Aulden loves writing – although he is terrible at it (never learned spelling, grammar or punctuation), but somehow managed to churn out over 2000 pages of content (some of it informative) for the CBTS web-site. He also has an interest in all things tech – and can often be found messing around online or building computers from spare parts he finds lying around (or occasionally buys online).

Rachael is the arty one – she loves etching, drawing, photography, jewellery making and a host of other creative skills (she also studied Architecture). So expect a few of her creative ideas, and plenty of her photos to appear on the site. She recently completed some beautiful Namibian doodle-art inspired colouring-in posters which can be found on this site.

Together we spend endless hours watching football (we’re both Liverpool FC supporters), drinking beer at cricket test matches, playing video games, camping in the wilderness and arguing over the meaning of life! Often we manage to do all of this at the same time, which makes for some very confusing conversations. In this blog, we want to use our expertise to bring insight into travelling through Namibia; recommending our favourite lodges, campsites, activities and other unique and unusual ideas. We will likely deviate into obscure unrelated subjects, but that is part of the fun!

Rachael still works as a freelance travel consultant, specialising in self drive holidays around Namibia, and would be glad to help plan and book your trip.
Aulden is still actively involved in the tourism industry and has a unique insight into scheduled and private guided tours and safaris.

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