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Sandscapes is a blog focused on travel in Namibia. We share our experiences, opinions and thoughts about the country in the hope that we can make your holiday in Namibia more comfortable and enjoyable.

Sandscapes also offers a trip planning service and can assist with every aspect of your holiday, including choosing the best accommodation, rental vehicle or guided safari. Our passion is for self-driving, and we’d love to assist you in putting together the very best self-drive itinerary. We pride ourselves on being a small, dynamic, focused and independent organisation – allowing us to offer impartial travel advice

You won’t find ‘off the shelf’ package tours of Namibia as we believe every visit should be unique. We listen to your requirements, budget and interest and create a travel package tailored to you.

Please feel free to look around the Sandscapes website, we’re adding new content and trying to improve it daily and welcome any suggestions or comments. If you would like advice about planning a trip or just have general questions about the country please contact us; we’d love to hear from you.

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